One of the best she-fights of the 80s was a rather brief one, when Heather Thomas had a war of fists with Ashley Ferrare in the climax of Fred Olen Ray's CYCLONE (1987).

What made their fight so memorable was the power with which Thomas could swing a fist especially in the last seconds of the fight when a series of jaw racking, Mike Tyson styled blows simply obliterates the pretty face of villainess Ashley Ferrare. As odd as it may sound, this fight has saved CYCLONE, an otherwise average thriller, from the vault of obscurity.

Ex-Playboy playmate Shannon Tweed was another busy B-film blonde who starred in numerous sexy thrillers like THE LAST HOUR (91) and SEXUAL RESPONSE (92) whenever she wasn't fulfilling her obligation as a regular panelist on the game show THE LIAR'S CLUB.

One of her best roles was in LETHAL WOMAN (88) where she played the confidant to a demented rape victim who borrows the amazon motifto attain revenge upon her attackers. In the film Tweed emerges as, a sympathetic love interest but not before she's liberaliy woman handled by a fellow amazon. Tweed can also be seen slugging it out in THE SURROGATE where her opponent is Canadian sex diva Carol Laure (NAKED MASSACRE) .

Other blonde battles began in PRETTY KILL (87) and in DEADLY BLESSING (81) when BATTLESTAR GALATICA'S Maren Jensen beats on Lisa Hartman; and BABY CAT (83) when Corinne Corson teaches the titled bad girl, Julie Fargo, a little lesson in respect.

The hard-to-find video DEADLY WHEN AROUSED (1981), about two women harboring a fugitive they eventually kill, at one point has both women engaging in a sprawling cat battle in the nude. Because of our aversion to sexy "teen" comedies we have no doubt missed out on a great number of brawls between hot tempered schoolgirls.

This is vast genre in itself and I'm at pains to say we can not do it justice. However there are a few choice fights in memory, a favorite of which occurred in SAVAGE STREETS (1984) when Linda Blair and Rebecca Perle went at it tooth and nail. In the film Perle plays your obligatory rich blonde snob whose white bread boy friend has the hots for Blair's massive bosom.

Blair bucks his affections but Perle stirs sh*t anyway. Eventually both ladies come to blows after Blair declares... "I wouldn't f*ck him if he had the last dick on earth! " Perle screams, lunges at Blair and both move to tangle in the girls shower. They exchange blows again later with Blair emerging victorious after tearing away Perle's top, exposing her creamy white breasts to fellow classmates.

A similar and equally robust match can be found in BIG BAD MAMA 2 (1987) when the voluptuous Danielle Brisebois (of ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE) and Julie McCullough engage in a superb sisterly battle. Lucinda Dooling is an avenging schoolgirl out to bust a drug syndicate in LOVELY BUT DEADLY (1983).

Who could forget her buffet brawl? Of the few comedies sin our repetoire we have CHEERLEADER'S WILD WEEKEND (1985) with Tracy Ann King wresting up a storm. VICE ACADEMY (1988) -pictured above, wherein Ginger Lynn Allen exchanged head locks with Linnea Quigley; and SPLITZ (1984) where a tag team match saw two nerdettes humble a pair of beauty queens.Cover Page Index

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