Pauline Chan Bo Lin

Pauline Chan Bo Lin belongs to what is known in Hong Kong film circles as the second wave of lll rated actresses (the first being Veronica Yip and Amy Yip). Pauline Chan has appeared in 20+ films and gone from being a 17 year old beauty pageant contestant to a seasoned pro who has learned (the hard way) about all the trappings that come from the industry, its lure of easy money and the people that wheel and deal it.

For Pauline Chanit has been a rocky road but a recent new found stability is paving the way for a brighter future. Born in 1975 and raised in her home town of Shanghai, China, Pauline's first exposure to the media came at the age of 17 when she entered the Miss Asia Pageant sponsored by TCV, Hong Kong's second largest television network.

Immediately there after she headed straight for the quick buck and flash stardom of the lll rated movie scene. For Pauline Chanit was the fastest way to use what she had to get what she wanted; money and exposure (no pun intended).

Her producers felt the same way; a tall leggy Pauline Chan to seduce any man who gazes upon them. Both sides figured the other correctly and it created a highly profitable box office sizzle. But even with all the money Pauline Chan never saw the film business as anything more than a fast food job (the McD*nalds of motion pictures).

Her real aspirations for the future lay elsewhere. In late 1991 and right through 1992 was Pauline's most productive time in the lll rated genre pumping out hits like the melodramatic revenge film THE GIRLS FROM CHINA, the cannibalistic sex fantasy EROTIC GHOST STORY 3 or sleazy potboilers like ESCAPE FROM BROTHEL.

It was during this time that she was most often cast as an attractive woman of ill fortune. ESCAPE FROM BROTHEL pedestaled that stereotype by casting Pauline Chain as a low rent whore whose sympathetic involvement with her ex-boyfriend lures her into organized crime.

Though she broke out of that mold for films like ANGEL THE KICKBOXER (bit part only) and ROGUES FROM THE NORTH, she was quickly rerouted back into . whorish roles in films like A WILD PARTY and BEHIND THE PINK DOOR.

All the while Pauline Chan was actively pursuing her childhood dream of a singing career. She was receiving lessons from the renowned vocalist Chan Kit Ling and by May of 1992 she had signed a record contract with a company in Mainland China.

During this time her schedule had become extremely hectic. Between film shoots she was performing live concerts in Mainland China and as far away as America. In August 1992 she even took part in a large festival styled show in Taiwan, singing along side many other singers and dancers.

The money she earned from such performances was generous. In an inter view with Affairs Weekly Magazine #658 Pauline Chan claims that one concert in Atlantic City alone earned her a 6 figure salary. She then went on to say how, in the course of a week, she spent every last dime of it in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles buying clothes.

She maintains "I find it easier to buy outfits in the States because the clothes are bigger there. My legs are 44 inches long and most clothes in Hong Kong don't come in my size" Apparently neither do most condos as it was rumored that Pauline Chan had to move several times just to find enough closet space to hold her vast wardrobe.

After a string of concerts in the U.S. Pauline Chan traveled to the Philippines to produce and star in a fluffy romance, travelogue drama entitled A SUDDEN LOVE (1992). The film, in which Pauline Chan plays a photo journalist whose tropical vacation leads to romance, was her own financial attempt to separate herself from the usual sex driven characters that producers heaped upon her. But upon her return to Hong Kong an interview appeared in the magazine FRESH WEEKLY #567 (5117/92) in which Pauline Chan said the film was trouble and vowed never to produce again. With such a busy schedule Pauline Chan was often perceived as a workaholic.

But as careful as she was to guide her personal life and finances, there was carelessness. Foran extended period of time in July 1992 she neglected to re move her contact lenses and contracted an eye infection. Another time she took over a month to see a doctor regarding an ear ailment.

Pauline Chan later attributed her busy film schedule and recent stage performances in Mainland China as the reason for not seeking the required medical attention. As busy and productive as Pauline Chan was that year she just couldn't seem to get her record deal off the ground.

As 1992 came and went so did promises by her management to finally put her on vinyl (or CD as it were). By early 1993 Chan was sick, concert performing was starting to get the better of her. To make matters worse she was shooting a movie in Tai wan when someone lifted her cellular phone and ran up over $2,000(H.K.)dollars in phone calls.

Then a so-called friend stole her wallet and took out a $200,000 (H.K.) dollar loan on her credit card. Fortunately both thieves were apprehended and Pauline Chan was exonerated from all charges. Coupled with the stress, such incidents were sufficient evidence to make Pauline Chan realize she'd had enough of this business. So in April 1993 after a string of completed films, Pauline Chan officially announced her retirement from the lll rated film industry.

Surprisingly this decision coincided with the emergence of two new faces, Yung Hung and (Loletta) Lee Lai Chun. Like Pauline, Yung Hung was a former beauty contestant (claiming the title Miss Asian Pacific) while Lee Lai Chun was an already established actress (with better than 25 dramatic films to her credit) who suddenly stripped off her clothes and dived into the lll rated scene.

Because of Yung Hung and Lee Lai Chun, Pauline Chan claims she was neglected by many former producers and work had become scarce. With the industry behind her Pauline Chan left Hong Kong and returned to her home town of Shanghai where she stayed with her mother and continued to practice her singing.

In 1981 she had a complete physical and discovered her recent bouts of fatigue and stress were linked to low blood pressure and a slow heart beat. Fortunately it was nothing too serious. In June 1993 she traveled to Hawaii where she stayed until the end of July.

It was during that time that she contemplated returning to school for either business or languages. To Pauline Chan it was a way of possibly securing her future. For unlike many 3 rated actresses, Amy Yip among them, Pauline Chan was against finding some rich Asian gentleman to take care of her.

She is, and always has been, an aggressive self-starter who prefers to fend for herself and live her life on her own terms. But like many Hong Kong residents she re mains skeptical about 1997 and is already planning residence out side the country. Her first choice would be either Singapore or the U.S., Canada she says is too boring.

In regards to schooling, Pauline Chan first considered San Francisco, but an over abundance of friends who reside there would be too great a temptation for here to neglect her studies. Knowing that, she settled on Hawaii. That was in the summer of '93. As of the summer of '94 she has yet to follow through with her plans. Upon her return to Hong Kong in August 1993 Pauline Chan was confronted with a posse of reporters and scandal hunters just waiting to. pounce on her for the release of several lll rated movies (i.e.: SEX FOR SALE, SPIDER FORCE) all of which gave her star billing.

In a story that appeared in Oriental Sunday, September 26, 1993 a reporter accused Pauline Chan of being a hypocrite, saying "First she says she quit the industry and now she has more movies coming out". Pauline Chan immediately denied all involvement with such films claiming they were the fabrication of dishonest producers would took "end cuts" (scenes never used) from her old films, spliced them into a new film and then billed it as a new Pauline Chan movie. That process infuriated Pauline Chan but it was nothing new.

In a past interview with Fresh Weekly Magazine #615 (5126193) Pauline Chan stated "when they do that it makes me look bad because I tell people I'm retired and then another movie comes out. Some of those producers have no conscience." So now, even though she gets million dollar offers to return, Pauline Chan refuses to reacquaint herself with producers of lll rated films. Her goal now remains a singing career, a move that would follow in the footsteps of former lll raters Veronica Yip and Amy Yip.

Unfortunately Pauline Chan has had little success. Even with an endorsement from superstar Andy Lau who called her "one of the best new singers with potential she has yet to hit the recording studio. In response, Hong Kong entertainment tabloids have had a field day with her career and aspirations. Headlines like "CHAN BO LIN NOT AFRAID OF BAD OPlNlONS and "PAULINE CHAN WANTS TO END SANDY LAM 'S CAREER" were frequent attention getters. But behind it all there lay the truth. In a story that appeared in Oriental Sunday#143 (1/30t94) Pauline Chan stated that the reason for the continued delay in her career was that she was waiting for her record producer, Tsai Yat Khan (who produces for Jacky Cheung) to give her the go ahead.

That go ahead was suppose to happen on June 4th, 1994 but the recording session was can celled. Pauline Chanhas since filed for con tract re negotiation which would in effect allow her to break ties with the company -who just recently threw her a$1 ,000,000 (H.K.) dollar birthday party.

According to a report in Metropolitan Weekly #560 (7123194) the contract in question assured her 3 album releases between 1992 - 1995. One can only assume that the canceled recording session on June 4th (the producer never showed) was the straw that broke the camel's back. In the same article Pauline Chain is quoted as saying she doesn't blame her producer, rather the company itself for misrepresentation and poor management. Pauline, stern as ever, continues to promise her fans a forthcoming album release. Cover Page Index

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