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It takes a lot to get the Hong Kong public stirred over a movie starlet. The actress must either do something really disreputable like sleeping with a married man (as Joey Wong did), or become an ultra sleazy Category III actress willing to do anything to make it.

And so begins our story on Hong Kong's latest sex siren of the silver screen, Julie Lee Wa Yuet. Although the "sex starlet" may be a little generous: after all Julie Lee's never had a leading role: but we feel obligated to give her at least an A for effort.

You see, Julie Lee is not your average Category III hopeful She's well educated but she still appears in films like CHINESE TORTURE CHAMBER STORY. Why would a rich girl like Julie Lee work in a sleazy industry like this? The answers will titillate and surprise you. Julie Lee was a part-time model in the United States while attending Rutgers University, in New York. In her spare time she enjoyed Broadway, Dance, cooking, painting. She also learned to speak 5 languages. By her own account the only thing she didn't do "was lose Her virginity"

Julie Lee is currently happily married, but Her first marriage was to an Ramo Riva and lasted only a year after which unreconcilable differences brought about divorce. Even more disastrous was her second marriage which turned into something out of a Esterhaz script.

Married in the United States to a Puerto Rican man by the name of Frank Gonzalez, Julie Lee spent 8 months in what she refers to as, "a living hell". No sooner did the couple tie the knot than Julie Lee began to discover what kind of man her husband really wasAccording to Julie Lee (Sudden Weekly Magazine, October '95) "He had mental problems. He abused me both mentally and physically and nearly broke two of my fingers. On our first Christmas he took off to Puerto Rico and left me. Then during a vacation he refused to talk with me for four days and four nights; spending most of his time with another man."

After only 7 months of marriage Julie Lee decided to leave Gonzalez and return to Hong Kong. Shortly thereafter, Frank showed up and tried to rekindle the marriage. When that failed he embarked upon a bizarre suicide plot.

Julie Lee recalls, "I didn't actually think he would kill himself. It's odd but when he first came to Hong Kong I felt sorry for him but after his death I felt nothing." When the police arrived on the scene they discovered Frank's body clad only in a pair of women's panties.

Next Julie Lee married Thomas. His occupation is in the framing business (as in pictures) which he spear heads out of Hong Kong. Married now to Thomas for over a year, Julie Lee attributes their success to her husband's open mind in regards to her budding film career; a career that has all but consumed her passions. In nearly ever interview Julie Lee expresses only a desire to make Category III films and nothing else.

This is contrary to every Category IIII starlet be fore her as Julie Lee wants to take her clothes off; wants to have sex; and wants to be both romantic and sleazy.

The only problem is Julie Lee has never been given a film role which has amounted to more than a minor character, which is usually that of a scarlet woman or a rape victim. But the brand of role has never been a problem for Julie Lee who openly admits, "I have a with the darker side of sexuality and a willingness to explore it further. I enjoy playing rape victims."

Much to the embarrassment of reporters, she's quite exploratory when discussing this issue, claiming, "I have even had orgasms during filming". You'd think that with such an attitude and willingness to perform Julie Lee would be swamped with Category III film offers. But such is not the case.

The problem is not her attitude, the problem is her age. Though she claims to be in her mid to late twenties, she is clearly not, and Category III producers rarely cast women over the age of 21 in lead roles.

In fact, the September 1995 issue of Sudden Weekly Magazine published a copy of her marriage certificate to Thomas, which, by Julie Lee's own handwriting puts her age at 39 (40 this year). So what's a 40 year old porn star to do if producers cease to call? Simple, take your own money and make your own Category III movie.

BLOOD LOVE (translated from Chinese) is Julie Lee's $2 million (H.K. dollars) production. Currently available on disc in Hong Kong, this film was apparently produced and directed by it's leading lady.

According to numerous interviews with Julie Lee, the film is everything a sex thriller should be; containing scenes of both romantic and violent sex. As she was quoted in Fresh Weekly #709 (3/29/ 95), "I want to beautify sex in my movie, both the good and the violent".

As rumors have it, BLOOD LOVE (which is probably not the English adapted title) has Julie Lee partaking in real intercourse with her leading man (condoms included). That fact alone was enough to turn people against her when news of the film hit the media in a wave of sensationalism during the summer of '95.

Suddenly this bit-part starlet was getting magazine covers from Oriental Sunday to Eastweek Magazine. She even got the cover of Hong Kong Penthouse (May '95) complete with a fully revealing color layout. But Julie Lee didn't stop there.

Her non stop sex driven public relations campaign saw her shocking magazine reporters by giving nude interviews, appearing as a bondage model, and releasing a nudie book which features everything from light bondage to shots of Julie Lee parading about the streets wearing little more than a pair of high heels.

With such a free-spirited take on Category III movies, sex, and a shameless leather and chains image it's little wonder her name got around in a hurry. Unfortunately that name (depending upon who you talk to) is "mud".

Even former Category III actresses, disgusted with Julie Lee's take on the industry, have thrown in their two cents. In the May 1995 issue of Oriental Sunday, Julie Lee and Amy Yip took turns name calling each other with Amy referring to Julie Lee's breasts as "bags of sh*t" and Julie Lee retorting "If that's true then she's a plastibag monster" (in reference to Yip's silicon implants).

The public has been equally cruel. In the spring of 1995 Julie Lee appeared on a popular Hong Kong variety show and was humiliated. For her segment on the show, Julie Lee was asked to debate her controversial career with the shows host.

To make it more competitive both where placed on the ends of a huge weigh scale, with the audience in-charge of either raising or lowering the scales depending upon who argued their point the best.It was a lynching. As Julie Lee argued the issue of her image in vain, the audience just kept lowering her scale until it capsized, dropping the helpless starlet down into a huge tank of water.

Julie Lee then emerged to the thunderous laughter of the audience and quickly made a retreat off stage. But despite the public humiliation and bad press, Julie Lee remains undaunted in her quest for Category III stardom.

In her spare time she uses her wealth to collect art, especially paintings and carvings in crystal. Her musical choice is Pavarotti, and her favorite film is THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. As stated earlier, Julie Lee's film appearances tend to be minor roles. Below are typical details of this spirited woman's involvement.

LOVE TO KILL 1995 92m Cinema City Laser Disc (sub) Cast: Anthony Wong, Danny Lee, Lee Wa Yuet A sleazy potboiler of the first rank. Anthony Wong is a violent psychopath lawyer who beats and rapes his wife Tilde (Lee May Fung).

When it escalates to unbearable proportions Jade accepts the sanctuary offered by concerned cop Lee nicknamed Fire Ball Hung) who moves her in with his son and loving bimbo girl friend Jenny (Julie Lee Wa Yuet). But psycho Wong masterminds a plan.

First he kidnaps Jade and chains her up. Then he allows Fire Ball to beat him senseless in front of onlookers thereby getting man suspended from the force. Married in the United States Then Wong attacks Jenny stripping her naked stuffing an aerosol can in her mouth and raping her into a coma in front of a child.

In the end it s Jade who gets revenge. In the course of her gory retribution (sought harder after Wong decapitates her mother with an axe) Jade splits open his shoulder and drops him with several shots from a nail gun (Wong must extract one from his own eye); and Jade finally kills him by forcing him down onto jagged window glass. This is sick, nasty stuff. Cover Page Index

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