THE NAKED CAGE 1986 , 97 min Media Home Video Dir: Paul Nicholas Cast: Shari Shattuck, Christina Whitaker, Angel Tompkins, Bankteller Michelle (Shattuck) is involved in and then wrongly implicate in a failed bank robbery committed by her ex-boyfriend and "Cage" escapee Rit (Whitaker). Convicted on an accomplice charge, Michelle is sent behind the iron where she winds up in a fight for her small town civilian life when hot-tempered Rita follows her in hell bent on revenge.Gigantic Faith Minton is gang leader Sheila. Nick Benedict is a psychopathic guard who rapes inmates while they lie helpless in solitary.

While THE NAKED CAGE lacks the gritty texture of director Lutz Schaarwaechter's previous CHAINED HEAT, it more than makes up for it with injections of high gloss gang machinations and violence. In one nightmare scene (trimmed in some Canadian releases), Shattuck is sliced with a razor about the throat and breasts while showering.

The proceedings are rarely naked but offer ample closes estrogen war fare with eight gun blastings, a lesbo fling, Shattuck groin stomping and bloody face pummeling Benedict to foil a rape, a prison yard death match between Whitaker and Minton, one screwdriver through the hand, two catfights, a guard stabbing, and a high voltage electrocution. Faith Minton recent appearance in a small role battling Jean Claud Van Damme in SUDDEN DEATH (95).

NIGHTMARE IN BADHAM COUNTY 1976 100 min Vidmark Vicleo I Dir: John Llewellyn | Moxy | Cast: Dehorah' Raffin, Lynne Mcbody, Chuck Conners, Tina Lolise AKA: NIGHTMARE (TV title) THEMES: mild sex and violence Want to see Robert Reed (dad to TV's THE BRADY BUNCH) as a sexually sadistic Warden who heads a redneck prison farm? Here's your chance.

Two UCLA students on a cross country vacation - white Dehorah Raffin and black Lynne Moody - spurn the lewd advances of sheriff Conners for which they're set up and sent away to a prison work farm for a crime they didn't commit. Behind the barb wire the women suffer the anguish of racial abuse, floggings, and death.

Their eventual escape leads to a thought provoking climax. For a TV movie-of-the-week it's fal superior to many mainstream theatrical efforts. Released by Vidmark Video in a unrated version that contains full nudity, brief lesbianism, and the flogging of a nude in mate .

99 WOMEN 1979 90 min NTA Home Video Dir: Jess Franco Cast: Maria Schell, Lucianna Paluzzi, Mercedes Cambridge, Herbert Lom THEMES: Prison corruption. Prison breaks. Violence Following reports to the Ministry of Justice regarding intense cruelty on a remote island prison, Inspector Leonie Carol (Schell) is sent to assess the staff and the condition of the inmates.

Herbert Lom is Santo, the prison's on-site governor, and Mercedes McCambridge the facilities cruel head matron, Thelma. No sooner does the mainland law make its presence known does a tag-team struggle for power begin between with Santo and Thelma paired against Leonie and the in mates. A unusually bleak ending is most memorable.

Even in light of the three catfights, three lesbian encounters, and brief whipping, it's one of Franco's tamer, albeit more dramatically concentrated, efforts in the genre. In 1983 producer Harry Alan Towers promoted a remake that was suppose to be shot in "Galaxy 3-D" and star Jill St John, Oliver Reed, Susannah York, and some of the world's most exciting women". The project never materialized.

NURSES FOR SALE 1976 84 min Dir: Rolf Olsen Cast: Curt Jergens, Joan Kozian, Angela Morgan, Christine Shuhert A medical team is engaged to bring aid to a remote jungle area. Among the members are several nurses from a big city hospital, whose wild reputations have preceded them on this trip.

Once the team reaches the jungle, they are savagely at tacked by a violent group of men who hold the nurses for ransom. The nurses are forced to endure all kinds of cruel torture and give in to the men in return for favors and possible escape.

The captors do not allow the girls to go free and with the aid of a tough old ship's captain, the girls stage a break during which the kidnappers are brutally defeated - the pressbook synopsis. Anybody seen this?

OUTSIDE CHANCE 1978 100 min Charter Home Video Dir: Michael Miller Cast: Yvette Mimieux, John Lawlor, Nancy Noble, Betty Thomas, Dick Armstrong. THEME: Excerpts from JACKSON COUNTY JAIL Director Miller reedited the first 30 minutes of his JACKSON COUNTY JAIL then spliced in newly shot footage that shows Yvette (with suddenly premed hair) being hustled off to prison for murdering her night jailer/rapist (a crime originally committed by Tommy Lee Jones in the first film).

Mimieux is incarcerated only briefly before escaping with the continually whining Nancy Noble, and falling in love with pianist john Lawlor). The seasons keep changing with every other scene and there is no climax to speak of. With Betty Thomas as a ruth less fur poacher. Simply dreadful in every respect.

PRISON DE MUJERES 1985 97 min VIL Video (Venezuela) Dir: Rene Cardona Sr. A group of violent female revolutionaries are imprisoned THEMES: prison intrigues. Spanish language. PRISON GIRL 1942 70 min Dir: William Beaudine Cast: Rose Hohart, Sidney Blackmer, Claire Rochelle, Lynn Starr, Jane Novak THEME: Social issues. Prison Escape. Based on the novel gallant Lady" by Octavus Roy Cohen. The story concerns a female doctor (Rose Hobart) sentenced to prison for her part in a mercy killing. She escapes, finds safe lodging from Sidney Blackmer and comes up against numerous confrontations with the law. Rose Hobart also appeared in the original DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE (1932).

PRISON GIRLS 1972 94 min Dir: Tom DeSimone Cast: Robin Whitting, Angie Most, Tracy Handfuss, Maria Arnold, Uschi Digard THEMES: Softcore porn. Fetishism. An early softcore film (originally in 3D) from Tom ( REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS ) DeSimone. Set up the police, 6 imprisoned girls are released for a weekend furlough in hopes that they will lead the law to the where abbots of, I notorious bank robbers.

The linear plot is laced with plenty of T&A that has the girls committed to body painting, .straight .sex. bi-sex. S&M, and rape. This softcore exploiter was just a forerunner to several porno features, mostly gay, that Tom DeSimone did before directing mainstream R rated features like CONCRETE JUNGLE.

PRISON WITHOUT BARS 1938 100 min Dir: Leonide Moguy Cast: Annie Duchaux, Roger Duchesne, Corinne Luchaire, Ginette Leclerc AKA PRISON SANS BARREAUX THEMES: Inmate love triangles This early French language film explores the lives of two different types of female inmates; those condemned to an institution for life and those preparing for freedom.

A strong role comes from Annie Duchaux who plays the Wardress. With Roger Duchesne as her prison doctor/ lover and Corinne Lullaire as the misunderstood inmate who challenges Duchaux for Duchesne's affections.

PRISON WITHOUT BARS 1938 78 min Dir: Brian Desmond Cast: Corinne Luchaire, Edna Best, Martita Hunt, Mary Morri.s THEMES: Same as above this time in a reform school. Reprising her role form the French original Corinne Luchaire plays a reform school inmate who vies for the physical attention of a prison doctor. The film was shot in three different languages with only the English version omitting all but implied scenes of lesbianism.

PROBLEM GIRLS 1953 Dir: E.A. Dupont Cast: Helen Walker, Ross Elliott, Susan Morrow THEMES: A dull film Hyped by great ad campaign 1920's, German born E.A. Dupont appeared on the American film scene only to wind up directing such features as NEANDERTHAL MAN and this rarely seen flic.

It was promoted with a poster depicting a strung up young girl in a nightie being blasted with a water hose. Ads promised . She Had A Knife.. . She Toyed With Men... She Played With Matches... Why Do So Many Rich Girls Go Wrong?. This well planned out ad campaign cannot conceal the fact the film rarely delivers on the promises of the poster.

RED HEAT 1985 104 min Vestron Video. Cast: Linda Blair, Sylvia Kristel, William Ostrander, Sue Kiel THEMES: Political corruption. Mild sex While visiting her soldier fiancee in West Germany, a vacationing Linda Blair is hauled off to prison on a mistaken identity charge and then foolishly cracks un der bright light interrogation into admit ting she's an agent for the C.l.A. Blair is then cut off from contact with the outside world.

Her only chance at freedom lies in the heroics of her fiancee (William Ostrander) ancl his platoon of army buddies who attempt to break Blair out through the prison's sewer system. Kristel makes for a sleazy cell block queen who rapes Blair initiates cell block or dies and numerous catfights.

Sue Kiel is particularly memorable as a revolutionary doctor While it s no CHAINED HEAT it would ve been a fal bettel sequel to that film than the late arriving CHAINED HEAT 2 which is ironically patterned not after CHAINED HEAT but RED HEAT .

REFORM SCHOOL GIRL 1975 71 min Dir: Edward Bernds Cast: Gloria Castillo Ross Ford Ed Byrnes Yvette Vickers THEME: Delinquent gangs. Mild violence Gloria Castillo stars as an innocent teenager caught at the site of a hit and run murder committed by reckless driver Ed Byrnes. But in court Castillo refuses to divulge his name so she is put into a reform school as a consequence.

On the inside Castillo is bullied by Yvette Vickers and her gang framed in a snitching rap and hunted by fugitive Byrnes who wants to shut her up before she decides to squeal.

Ross Ford plays the schools psychologist who tries to help her out. Lots of great tough cookie dialogue and rough hellcats that .scrap up three catfight.s a stabbing and one painful baseball bat beating Look for a young Sally Kellerman (billed 20th) in a small role as an inmate. Required viewing .

REFORM SCHOOL GIRL 1986 94 mill New World Video Dir: Tom DeSimone Cast: Sybil Danning, Wendy O'Williams, Pat Ast, Linda Carol THEMES: Girl gangs. Mild violence. Prison Although DeSimone and company tried to utilize the W.l.P. picture the end result is actually a dramatic grade above many of the films in which it tries to spoof.

Less we forget, many of the previous genre films were directed by no-talent buffoons who, by way of their cinematic incompetence, took their silly films seriously and wound up with W.l.P. versions of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. In short, there was no way DeSimone could spoof a genre that had long become a satire of itself.

Anyway.... Linda Carol plays a "new fish" at the Pridemore Reformatory For Girls where her upstart attitude makes her a fast rival of butch gang leader Charlie (Wendy O) and her cache of lingerie clad prison bunnies. Carol also makes the mistake of leaning hard against the portly, bull mean head matron Pat Ast, who steals the film with her superb comical leering.

Sybil Danning is on the other side of the bars this time, playing the stern Wardress who takes fashion tips from ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS. Although we were forced to subtract half a fan for DeSimone's blatant miss of a Sybil Danning/Wendy O'Williams fight to-the-finish (which would've been one of the great moments in W.l.P. history:), there's no denying the high caliber excess, random hilarity, and haughty display of sex and violence that the film celebrates.

We have three shower scenes; four catfights; coat hanger ass branding; an all-girl dorm pillow fight; mild sadism; and a not-soon-forgotten sequence in which Wendy O'Williams surfs a school bus into a water tower The film was promoted with a soundtrack available on Rhino Records and rock video by O'Williams for the end credit song, It's My Life. SAVAGE GIRLS AKA: AMOK (Finos Films On Video Greece) Released theatrically into grind houses as SAVAGE GIRLS, this black'n white WIP picture can be found on Greek language video .

SAVAGE INMATES 1977 89 min T-Z Video Dir: Hubert Frank Cast: Olivia Pascal, Philippe Garnier, Marine Mervil, Bea Fieider, Lili Curati AKA: DIE INSEL DER 1000 FREUDEN, TRIANGLE OF VENUS, SEX SLAVES (U.K.) THEMES: Young lesbians in love. Another dreadful release from T-Z Video and the director of EMANUELLE AND THE WIFE SWOOPERS (78).

This retitled rubarbing contains no "savage in mates" :3t all, just 89 minutes of dull Euro intrigue revolving around the exploits of two lesbians trying to secure a passion for each other by killing their individual male lovers. Halfway through this video our copy blacked out for a few minutes. Hubert Frank's THE DOLLS is also available .

SAVAGE ISLAND Dir: Edward Mueller & Nicholas Beardsley Cast: Ajita Wilson, Anthony Steffan,Christina Lai, Stello Candelli, and inserted foot age with Linda Blair AKA: HOTEL PARADISE THEMES: Prison camps. Escape. Jungle intrigues. mild sex and violence.

This was shot back to back with director Mueller's ESCAPE (Wizard Video) and released with ten extra minutes starring Linda Blair. Although both ESCAPE and SAVAGE ISLAND share extensive footage the stories remain dissimilar. This time Anthony Steffan plays an officer who aids seven women in a prison break after securing a fortune in stolen emeralds.

Ajita Wilson (HELL BEHIND BARS) plays an inmate sentenced to 20 years for premeditated murder. Scenes of sex and violence not found in the film ESCAPE include a gory bullet extraction, a drowning sequence (more extensive here), three gun brawls, and an entire prison yard riot sequence complete with machine gun may hem. Some of the jungle based sexual shocks in ESCAPE (notable Christina Lai getting orally raped after her jungle bath).

SCHOOL FOR UNCLAIMED GIRLS 1969 95min Dir: Robert Hartford Davis Cast: Madeline Hinde, Renee Asherson, Dennis Waterman, Faith Brook AKA: THE SMASHING BIRD I USE TO KNOW, HOUSE OF UNCLAIMED GIRLS , HELL HOUSE GIRLS (1974 U.S. theatrical rerelease) THEMES: Avenging teen sent up the river. prison escape. Juvenile delinquency From the ad's: "A Perfumed Zoo For Teenage She-Cats, One Step From The Gutter And One Kiss Away From Jail".

Nearly raped by her mother's violent lover, young Nick (Hinde) thwarts the attack with a stabbing and is then sent away to a rehabilitation home where repeated lesbian coupling, conflicts, and brawls soon have her escaping to the outside and into the disastrous arms of an ex-boyfriend.

SCHOOL GIRLS IN CHAINS 1977 87 min Dir: Don Jones Cast: Gary Kent, John Stoglin, Suzanne Lund, Leah Tate AKA: LETS PLAY DEAD (World Premiere Video) THEMES: Young girls kidnapped and kept in a fruit cellar This PSYCHO inspired sleaze fest chronicles the events of .several young girls kidnapped by two maladjusted brothers who store them in a fruit cellar and routinely subject them to harassment.

The films underlying theme of misogyny is primarily filtered through verbal intent rather than visual shocks. This perverse undercurrent is quite evident in the film's sub-plot, in which a teenage girl is seduced into sex by her psychology professor who turns out to be the hero of the film. Budget restrictions are evident but cinematographer Ron Garcia adds a strong visual identity to the production rarely found in exploitation films.

Ron Garcia also directed similar features like THE TOY BOX (71) before working with Francis Ford Coppola. Recommended SCRUBBERS 1932 193 min Thorn EMI Video Dir: Mai Zetterling Cast: Amanda York, Chrissie Cotterhill, Elizabeth Edmunds, Kate Ingram THEMES: Girl gang rivalry. Cellblock social commentary. Revenge.

Any film that begins by showing an inmate with the words 'I love" and I hate" tattooed on her fingers - in ode to Robert Mitchum's psycho in the 50's classic NIGHT OF THE HUNTER is off to a great start .
The recaptured inmates, demure lesbian Amanda York and vengeful teenage mother Chrissie Cotterhill, incite violence and upheaval in a British women's prison after Cotterhill decides to reap revenge upon York for their failed escape bid.

There are strong aggressive performances in every cell here, most notably Kate Ingram who plays York's butch girlfriencl. Especially memorable is the film's insight into hierarchy of its incarcerated girls and their eventual fall from social power upon their release back into mass consumption society .

Swedish female director Zetterling, who was 57 at the time, started as an actress in the mid-40s, making better than 25 pictures before taking the plunge into directing in 1962. She recently passed away. This is strong, thought provoking material that can still stact up against any exploitation flicks with the best of them. Do not miss.

SLAMMER GIRLS 1987 82 min Lightning Video Dir: Chuck Vincent Cast: Devon Jenkins, Jeff Eagle, Jant Hamilton, Darcy Nychols, Ron Sullivan THEMES: Situation sex comedy behind bars Director Vincent (WARRIOR QUEEN) who never struck a respectable chord with trash trendy enthusiasts, wields from an uninspired hand, shelling out this hollow, low entry women's prison spoof.

Ironically SLAMMER GIRL (THE BIG SLAMMER) has all the required milieu and substance for a note worthy genre piece, but directing these elements into a comedy just doesn't work, and moreover, isn't funny.

The film's only assets are its bodacious female leads. Both Devon Jenkins ( TWISTED NIGHTMARE) and adult film actress Darcy Nychols (MUGSY'S GIRLS) briefly appear topless. O.K., big deal. Jane Hamilton is really porn star Veronica Hart under a pseudonym Vincent, at one-time a prolific director of adult films, died of AIDS in 1991.

SLAVES IN CAGES Cast: Annelise Detts, THEMES: Women kept in killing and fed dog chow before strip showers.How's this for a makes-no-sense ad line... "Be A Warden In Your Own Do It Your self Prison!". Originally doubled billed with THE CAPTIVES this porno theater quickie has a low brow imp keeping women penned up in his basement for the express purpose of having paid guest over to watch them whore about. The girls are fed and eat like dogs: out of bowls.

STAR SLAMMER - THE ESCAPE 1988 86 min Vidmark Video Dir: Fred Olen Ray THEMES: Sluts in the slammer. Monster mayhem. Cameos from washed Sandy Brooke Freedom fighter sent up the galaxy river for axe whacking and face scalding a ruthless government agent (Ross Hagen) and several,of his cheaply suited up soldiers.

Behind the claustrophobic Star Slammer iron Taura must survive a series of quickly spaced encounters with space rats, a dominitrix Wardeness, a bevy of sour tongued slammer sisters, a toothy alien borrowed from THE DEADLY SPAWN, and of course, a mighty passed off Ross Hagen.

There is also stabs of archaic humor laced between tawdry special effects, three catfights, a topless Sandy Brooke and cue card reading cameos by John Carradine. Fans of INFINITY should not miss.

SWEET SUGAR 1972 90 min Cult Video Dir: Michael Levesque cast: Phyllis Davis, Pamela Collins, Cliff Osmond AKA: SHE DEVILS IN CHAINS, HELL FIRE ON ICE THEMES: Black'n white rivalry. Killer cats. Mild violence. Arrested for drug possession and prostitution, the alluring Phyillis Davis is sent to a sugar cane plantation where she spends her sentence cutting cane, battling racial violence, and thwarting the lurid advances of a sadistic doctor whose experimenting on the inmates. Other key ingredients include finger chopping via machete; stomach impalement; and Phyllis getting strung up and flogged. Can match licks and whips with the best of the WIP vehicles.

SWITCHBLADE SISTERS 1975 91 min Monterey Home Video Dir: Jack Hill Cast: Robby Lee, Joanne Nail, Monica Gayle, Kitty Bruce, Marlene Clark AKA: DIE BRONX KATZEN THEMES: Girl gangs. Mild violence. Bad clothing. Compelling, gritty exploitation fair that details the denouncement of the Dagger Debs, an all-girl street gang whose rise to independence from their male counter parts is cut short by murder, rivalry, and deceit from within the ranks.

Punkish Robbie Lee (BIG BAD MAMA) is Lace, the Deb's quick tempered, bullying leader who is eventually betrayed and challenged for her back alley throne by new Dagger Deb Maggie (Joanne Nail).

At one point the girls are tossed into the slammer where they make quick work of the obese head matron and her entourage. Jack Hill who gave this genre some of its best films, really captures the essence of the "bad girl" film, blending just the right amounts of realism and camp to afford SWITCHBLADE SISTERS an aura.

TEN VIOLENT WOMEN 1979 97 min Celebrity Home Video l)ir: Ted V. Mikels AKA: WOMEN'S - PENITENTIARY THEMES: Housewives gone bad. Rampaging rich Arab guys. This is one of director/producer Mikels better films. A group of bored house wives-turned-jewel thieves, unknowingly snatch up a priceless Scarab ring belonging to a rich Arab Sheik. The women are caught, imprisoned, and then abused by the usual offering of stern prison authority.

Pooling their resources, the women pull off an escape only to find themselves on the run from his hefty highness who desires the return of his valuable bobble. Foot and high heel shoe fetishers will love the .scene in which director Mikels (as Leo The Fence) tries to con the women out of their heist only to meet a gruesome end when one woman stomps her stiletto heel through his chest. There are many fine moments in and out of the prison as Mikels doesn't skimp on the exploitative licks. In any event, it's six violent women better than his DOLL SQUAD. TERMINAL ISLAND

1977- 88 min United Home Video Dir: Stephanie Rothman Cast: Ena Hartmen, Barbara Leigh, Don Marshall, Phyllis Davis, Tom Selleck THEMES: Criminals real estate. Director Rothman whose earlier films include BLOOD BATH and IT'S A BIKINI WORLD, forged this Alcatraz inspired exploiter about male and female death row inmates sent into isolation on an island prison known as San Bruno. The drama is founded on the good criminal/bad criminal fight for dominance. Phyllis Davis (SWEET SUGAR) is a husband killer.

Tom Selleck a mercy killer doctor. and Ena Hartmen a gang leader. Lacks the threatening ambiance and gutter violence associated with the genre, but seedy milieu and some keenly wedged in odes to feminism aids in making the film a lively view.

Prior to its wide theatrical release it had a disastrous debut at a women's film festival in Toronto, Canada, when a majority of the women in attendance walked out, including director Rothman herself. Outtakes of Phyllis Davis in the buff can be found on the compilation tape, FAMOUS T&A. The film was later remade as CAGED IN PARADISO.

THUNDER COUNTY 1974 78 min Prism Video Dir: Chris Robinson Cast: Mickey Rooney, Ted Cassidy, Carol Lawson, Onya Mark, Dee Dee Bradley AKA: WOMEN'S PRISON ESCAPE, WOMEN'S PENITENTIARY..'??? THEMES: Mickey Rooney's career going, going.... Four female inmates escape their prison and fatefully meet up with a band of backwoods drug dealers. Mickey Rooney's first star billing (as a gas station attendant) last all of three scenes. Four unattractive inmates. Casual gun play., and two prison cell catfights have kept this dud forever on the 99 cent rental rack.

TURN THE KEY SOFTLY 1953 81 min B & W Dir: Jack Lee Cast: Yvonne Mitchell, Terence Morgan, Joan Collins, Kathleen Harrison THEMES: Life after prison The lives of three women (Mitchell, Collins, and Harrison) are re-counted after prison Hardcore WIP huffs won't want to miss this sleazy epic directed by the man primarily known for Italian comedies.

Sexy Suzanne Carvalho takes the murder rap for her brother's crime and ends up in a sadistic banana republic pen. At one point, saucy Suzanne, whose curves also well served MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY (86), is violently stripped down by her dorm mates and. beaten with wet rolled towels, and then held down and forced to endure the breast licking and tongue to tonsil touching of a black inmate. From there you get three catfights, fire hose panty blasting, a head chopping, a prison riot, and minor lesbian action.

WOMEN OF DEVIL'S ISLAND 1970's European made In the 18th century, Martine, a French noblewoman, is taken prisoner to an is land where the women avail themselves to the soldiers in return for better treatment. The proud Martine refuses to de grade herself and is resigned to be tormented forever.

Her sister Jeanette, also a prisoner on the island, consents to spending the night with the island's captain, Le Favre, in order to find out where gold, necessary for an escape, is stored. Her plan fails as she is killed and the other would be escapees are tortured. Shortly there after, Henry Valliere, comes to replace Le Favre and his first act is be escapees.

Martine, while working near the river, falls in and is attacked by man eating crocodiles. She is saved by Henry who takes a liking to her. One night, while the garrison is empty, Francis Bart and his pirates land and steal all of the island's gold. Henry is exposed as an accomplice to the pirates but is saved when Bart carries him to his ship after he is wounded.

The villainous Le Favre then returns to the island and uses Martine as bait to lure Henry back. The love-smitten Henry steals onto the island and is captured, but Bart and his pirates stage a bloody battle overcoming Le Favre and his men to save Martine and Henry. - from the pressbook. A very minor addendum to the genre but we thought worth mentioning anyway.

WOMEN OF HELL'S ISLAND 1988 90 min Shine Home Video Dir: Cirio Santiago Cast: Ingrid Greer, Nanette Martin, Kerry Nichols, Bernadette Williams, Ken Metcalfe THEMES: Inmates used as whores. This is some obscure Cirio (CAGED FURY) Santiago film that's been retitled by Shine Home Video.

The story has a playpen fulla kidnapped girls held on an island prison which doubles as a base for assassins who take refuge there following their hit-jobs; and it's the job of the women to serve them.

The girls escape by tunneling out into the jungle and then stealing a plane. Santiago regular Ken Metcalfe is a sleazy (is there any other type?) Warden. Santiago beefs up the action feed bag with three love romps, three gun brawls, a black on white catfight, one whipping, and a rape. Not one of Cirio's more involving genre efforts.

WOMEN OF SAN QUENTIN 100 min Dir: William Graham Cast: Stella Stevens, Debbie Allen, Hector Elizondo, Amy Steel, Ro.sana DeSoto THEMES: Life on the inside for the guards. The "women" of the title refers not to the inmates but to a contingent of guards under the strong arm of lieutenant Stella Stevens ( in a similar role to that which she played so effectively in CHAINED HEAT).

This time Stevens main interest is not running dope, it's a love affair with Captain Hector Elizondo and stopping an impending prison riot. The story was cowritten by Larry (IT'S ALIVE) Cohen. By the director of GET CHRISTIE LOVE . Makes an ideal double-bill with Stevens' CHAINED HEAT.

WOMEN'S PRISON 1955 80 min Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast: Ida Lupino, Jan Sterling, Cleo Moore, Audrey Totter, Howard Duff. THEMES: Abused inmates. Ida Lupino is a stern Wardress whose psychological undoings stem from her inability with the opposite sex.As a result she vents that frustration by inflicting cruelty onto her female prisoners.

Jan Sterling is the sympathetic but tough cell block moll, Phyllis Thaxter is the new and abused inmate, and Vivian Marshal a ex stripper/agent killer who does Betty Davis impressions.

The anticipated prison revolt brews after Lupino beats on a pregnant girl and puts her into the infirmary. Howard Duff gives a strong performance as the sympathetic doctor dedicated to Lupino's fall. One of the eras best.

WOMEN'S PRISON 1974 95 min Lauren Home Video Dir: Brunello Rhondi Cast: Martine Brochard, Katia Kristine, Erna Schurer, Christine Galbo AKA: SEX LIFE IN A WOMEN'S PRISON
THEMES: Inmates going through a journey of self discovery.

This W.l.P'. import starts off with a gratuitous bang WHEN an inmate has her privates probed by the rubber gloved hand of a strong armed matron, but the film quickly shifts into a dialogue laden melodrama brimmed with depressed in mates who have an endless supply of hardship tales to relate to you. Goes to figure from a director who use to work side by side with Fellini. Rhondi also directed EMANUELLE IN EGYPT (77).

WOMEN'S PRISON MASSACRE 1985 89 min Vestron Video Dir: Gilbert Roussel Cast: Laura Gemser, Lorraine DeSelle, Francoise Perrot, Gabrielle Tinti AKA: BLADE VIOLENT, EMANUELLE'S ESCAPE FROM HELL THEMES: Co-ed inmates takeover. Mild violence. Battling girls. This French/Italian co-production was shot back to back with CAGED WOMEN.

Journalist Emanuelle is imprisoned and then taken hostage when four newly arrived death row male inmates (brought in for holding purposes) gun down their police escorts, secure the Warden at gun point and then make demands to the outside authority. A tougher-than-usual Emanuelle spends most of her hostage time battling for control against an upstart inmate.

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO LAURA? (86) also with Gemser and De Salle. WOMEN WITHOUT NAMES 1940 Dir: Robert Florey Cast: Ellen Drew, Robert Paige, Judith Barrett, John Miljan, Fay THEMES: A fight for life following wrong imprisonment. After a newlywed couple (Drew and Paige) discover a dead body in their apartment they are framed with the murder.

Drew wind.s up with a life sentenceand Paige with a trip to the gallows. While doing her stretch in the local big house, Ellen comes in contact with Judith Barrett, the one woman with a confession that can save the couple from their respective fates. Ellen Drew (born Terry Ray) starred in the acclaimed CHRISTMAS IN JULY the same year. Cover Page Index

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