Dir: Cesare Canevari -Magnum Video-
Arguably the most graphic and disturbing film in the cycle, this one flirts with artistry but ultimately is an endurance test. In the most unsettling sequence, a cute-rate Goebbels expounds on his philosophy for eliminating the Jews; eat them! The officers in attendance proceed to do just that, taking a poor young lass, sprinkling her with cooking oil and cooking her up right on the spot. These and other grim moments are off set by welcome hits of unintentional comedy. One such instance finds a group of very tame gerbils standing in for an army of hungry rats.


1978 -77 min- All American Video/Mogul Dir: John Jonathan Cast: William Berger This coma-inducing snoozer takes place in modern-day -well, mid 70s-. A group of ex-Nazis from the same extermination camp are being murdered by a group of survivors who are out for revenge. And that s all there is to it folks, unless you consider telephone conversations and travelogue footage integral to the plot.

There's some camp flashback footage and the obligatory re-staging of Charlotte Rampling's NIGHT PORTER dance, but nothing of even passing interest, muchless of the "imprisoned whore" variety.Top billed star Berger appears for all of four minutes before getting blown away, thus suffering a much kinder fate than anyone unfortunate enough to rent this tape. The worst of the hatch.


-1974- 95 min Videatrics Video Dir: Don Edmonds Cast: Ivyanne Thorne, Greg Knoph, JoJo Deville, Wolfgang Roehm. Shot on the vacant sets of TV's HOGAN'S HEROES, this trend setting trash epic created a new low in guts 'n gore prison cinema garnering $10 million world wide box office, and made Dyanne Thorne a household closet name. Fraulein She Wolf Thorne -The Most Dreaded Nazi Of Them All - heads a concentration camp where she oversees barbaric medical and sexual practices upon the inmates, both male and female.

The experiments are too prove that a woman's threshold for pain is greater than that of a man's. The weaker males are utilized as personal sex slaves and are castrated -by llsa herself- after they cease to bring her new pleasure. Greg Knoph is Wolf, a bastard German whose sexual stamina drives Ilsa to ecstasy and eventually to a vile end after the inmates revolt and seize control.

The Videatrics reiease has a running time of 95 minutes, 54 second. The American Videotape release is 90 minute 23 seconds. Both versions have all the sex and violence in tact but the Videatrics release contains added dialogue exchanges and longer scenes in some cases.

-92 min- Dir: R. L. Frost.
I cannot guarantee you will love Love Camp 7, but I can guarantee that you will love in Love Camp 7" The pioneering entry in the cycle show cases elements that would become the standard for those that followed. Archetypically: voice over narration that claims everything is true, prison camp setting, sadistic/perverted commandant, female prisoners used as prostitutes and unwilling sex performers, one sympathetic Nazi who is appalled by the cruelties, laughably phony German and French accents etc. The allies need to contact Jewish female scientist Martha Grossman whose knowledge is essential if they are to catch up to the advancements in the jet engine department. Of course, the scientist is incarcerated in the prison camp, so two female volunteers allow themselves to he captured in order to make contact.

They soon become the playthings of the sadistic commandant -producer R.W. "Bob" Cresse- who likes to suspend prisoners over sawhorses when he isn't just whipping them with his belt. WIP staples like rapes and hose downs -accompanied by library cues from old horror movies- follow before the Allies show up and shut things down in a blood finale.

A fairly unremarkable film overall, LOVE CAMP 7 boasts one performance that makes it all worthwhile, Bob Cresse's lip-smacking, scenery chewing turn as the commander provides the film with a welcome campy shot in the arm. David Friedman has said in interviews that Cresse was a closet Nazi in real-life and that certainly comes through in his on-screen work; the man is simply enjoying himself too much. Some sources list Friedman as the commandant but he only has a walk-on as "SS Concentration Camp Commander Max Kemp".

Any queasiness one has about the exploitation of the holocaust tragedy isn't helped by the fact that most of the Germans in the film are played by Jewish men. The tortures on display are disturbing but fairly mild considering what would come later. However, they were explicit enough to get the film banned during England's "video nasties" witch hunt a decade ago. - John Charles

1977 Dir: James Gartner -aka Alain Payet- Cast: Patrizia Gori, Jack Taylor, Jacqueline Laurent. A captured American doctor is forced to utilize her profession behind the walls of a Nazi prison camp. There she acquires the love of an SS officer -Jack Taylor- after saving his life. But a pudgy headmistress in thigh high boots -Jacqueline Laurent- is the officer's real cell block sex interest and she uses a riding crop across bare ass to keep it that way.

Directed with a little more sexual gusto than usual by the man responsible for HELL TRAIN -77- and written by the director of FRAULEIN DEVIL -77-, which also stars Patrizia Gori. Although is a whip crack better than its above men, it's no ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS- but then again, what is? AKA: NATHALIE: RESCAPEE DE L'ENFER, NATHALIE DANS L'ENFER NAZI

1976 -87 min- Video City Video Dir: William Hawkins -aka Mario Caiano- Cast: Sirpa Lane, Giancario Sisti,

One of the more gruesome additions to the Italian produced Nazi film craze of the 70s. Sirpa Lane is Hanna Meyer a captured Jewish girl whose defiance against whoring for the SS leads to her appointment as a stern Madame in a lush Nazi brothel. Sirpa Lane stars as Hanna Myer, a young Jewish girl who is captured and pressed into service as an SS whore. She refuses to cooperate and is scheduled for execution. However, intervention from the camp commander saves her at the last minute.

It seems that our heroine is the ideal woman to service his decidedly masochistic tastes. Hanna plays along and is presented with fake German l.D. and an appointment as the madam of a lush Nazi brothel.Trouble comes a-knockin when Hanna's old boy friend -now a German soldier- discovers her new vocation. Ashamed by her charade, Hanna re-embraces her Jewish roots leading to an anti-Nazi invective that costs her life.

Sirpa Lane is quite good and the film has occasional moments of power -particularly in the last reel- but these sequences are at odds with the slimier elements: hard-core rape, gratuitous sex footage, severe beatings, and in one vile hardcore scene a woman is raped full throttle with a bull horn. Sirpa Lane is best known for her role in LE BETE as the nymphette who kills the titled creature with her sexual stamina. AKA: LIVING NIGHTMARE, DESTIN DE FEMME, LA SVASTICA NEL VENTRE
-John Charles

1974 118 min Embassy Video Dir: Liliana Cavani Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Charlotte Rampling Dirk Bogarde pays the titled role, a lowly desk clerk in a Vienna hotel that is the secret meeting place for a group of ex-Nazi officers hiding out after the war. Borgarde himself has a skeleton in his closet; a tenure as Sturmbannfuhter of an SS extermination camp.

During that time he participated in a masochistic love affair with a Jewish prisoner -Charlotte Rampling-. Their bizarre sexual fantasies begin anew when Rampling unexpectedly walks into the hotel one day in 1957. When the Nazi underground objects to his liaisons, Bogarde barricades himself and Rampling up in a small apartment, unable to escape and slowly starving to death, they soon must flee no matter what the consequences.

From a pure cinematic standpoint, THE NIGHT PORTER is the best film of the cycle but this is more by default than anything else. Arising from -relatively- non-exploitative origins, it is certainly one of the tamest of the lot but still won't he getting any P.T.A. screenings in the near future.

For example; Bogarde and Rampling have a proclivity for screwing on broken glass. Al though this not explicitly presented, the very thought may be too much for some. If however, your tastes favor LOVE CAMP 7 or ILSA, then you can skip this one entirely.

Cavani's film is fairly engrossing throughout. though it's not entirely clear just what the director is trying to convey -the evils of fascism over come by the joys of masochism?- The distant, aloof presentation and performances ultimately keep this from being as compelling as it could have been. However, the film's most famous scene -naked Rampling in Nazi regalia performing a Dietrich-style number for a group of turned on SS officers- still packs an erotic punch. It would he re-staged in various ways by later films but without half the kinky impact. - John Charles

1975 129 min Dir: -Giovanni- Tinto Brass Cast: Ingrid Thulin, John Steiner, Teresa Ann Savoy. A blockhuster in Europe, this sex film by the director who would later direct and disowned CALIGULA, directly inspired most of the European entries that followed in the next two years.

The SS High Command brothel is to serve as recreation spot for soldiers on leave from the front. They stock the house with willing freulein's and subject them to a lurid -and ridiculous- training session. The seasoned Madame Kitty is choosen to head up the club which is wired so that traitors can found out. A major part of the film is devoted to Margueritte who has joined up to protest the decadence and here the film starts to get all political. Also It's here that the film starts to come apart at the seems. The film purports to make a statement regarding man s inhumanity to man while wallowing in it mondo-style . S&M and fetish laced sex? Not too much unless the viewer has a high tolerance forboth half-assed political statements and classy perversion.

is not without its warped charms -including lots of odd stabs at surrealism- but it's too uneven and too long to be successful. Teresa Ann Savoy is a hot psuedo Dietrich. Saloon Kitty doesn't make much of an impression. AKA: MADAM KITTY, FRAULEIN KITTY

1969 -73 min- Video Entertainment In the closing days of WW II six allied soldiers raid a Gestapo compound killing the officers They have sex with the whores they find inside and while getting their rocks off they fail to hear the announcement that the war is over.

1973 -96 min- ClC Video -Canada Dir Erwin C Dietrich . This softcore outing from Germany's master of form features no violence but heaps on the sex. It has little plot to speak of just a group of willing frauleins being trained to serve Der Feurer in whatever capacity the- high command sees fit. Take a guess.

The meager artistic intentions never interfere with the director's main goal; showing lots of naked babes doing that "Seig Heil" thing. the final scene features one of the wildest exploitation images of the 70's; the girls running naked through a battlefield as live shells burst around them. It's worth the trouble of tracking this tape down just to savor those few moments. The rest of the film is standard issue softcore but then whole enterprise is so light-hearted, a very welcome change of pace from the Nazi flicks of the period. AKA: EINE ARMEE GRETCHAN, FRAULEINS IN UNIFORM, FRAULEINS WITHOUT UNIFORMS - John Charles

1977 -94 min- Video City Video l- Dir: William Hawkins -aka Mario Caiano- Carven Paola Corazzi Giorgio Ctrioni, Giovanna Mainardi -All American/Mogul Video-

From the director of THE BIG BUST OUT -this film is set in a female prison camp to house inmates selected for use in barbaric transplant experiments by a nazi doctor. One soldier makes the mistake of fallillg in love with his assigned prisoner and has his testicles removed and transplanted onto an impotent German officer. When the young recruit discovers he's been surgically hacked he vows revenge. A spectacularly ludicrous lovers-in-peril plot, but viewers will want to keep a shut eye during the film's gory, unrestrained moments of ovary and testicle surgery. AKA: WOMEN'S CAMP 23 - THE SEED OF DEATH, CAPTIVE WOMEN 2 SS EXPERIMENTS, KOMMANDATUR,

1977 104 min Dir: Bruno Mattei Cast: Ivano Staccioli, Ria De Simone, Sonia Viviani, Lorraine De Salle. By the director of SS GIRLS-76- and Lorraine De Salle CAGED WOMEN is an inmate utilizing her degree in medicine as a doctor's assistant during operations on fellow female inmates. Ivan Staccioli is the demented officer who skulls around the camp with his right hand man, Crazy Kurt; a monobrow psycho rapist.

Routinely anti Semitic with homosexual hate overtones and all the expected servings of torture and sex. By this we mean; two floggings; gratuitous nudity; Nazi boot licking; gas chamber death; a catfight; lesbianism; rape; and two bouts of necrophilia, the second of which sees the woman copulate her lover back from the dead.The end credits include a composite of who were they and where are they now Nazis like Joseph Mengele and Franz Murer. AKA: SS-119 CAMPO SE SEXO Y VIOLENCIA, KZ 9 LAGER Sl STERMINO, WOMEN'S CAMP 119- John Charles

1976 82 min Media Video Dir: Jordan B. Mathews -aka Bruno Mlattei- Cast: Gabriele Carrara, Marina Davina, Macha Magall, Vassili Karis. To root out traitors to the Nazi high command, a secret brothel is put into operation. To pull it off successfully, Hitler enlists the aid of scientist Lucianno Pigozzi to turn your generic hooker into a super hooker capable of satisfying any and all perverse needs of the Nazi Generals.

Gabriele Carrara, who later appeared in SS EXTERMINATION CAMP is the brothel's commander and steals the show with his outlandish, sexually vulgar performance. The last ten minutes is unforgettable as the film turns into a soft core orgy of ballistic moralizing, mass alcohol abuse, flesh fondling, and crossdressing. Although slow in the beginning -as all Mattei films are-, come the halfway point the interest level rises noticeably when Mattei's imagery and story substance begins to breathe life and logic into the film; though it could not be enough to earn the film any new viewers outside the genre.AKA: CASA PRIVATA PER LE SS

1977 88 min Video City Video Dir: Ivan Katansky -aka Paolo Solvay- Cast: Macha Magall, Kim Gatti, Sal Boris. Macha Magall plays an Ilsa-like Nazi officer who has innocent girls abducted from a nearby town for use in her sadistic lab experiments involving a drooling Neanderthal man -Sal Boris- who the Nazi officer keeps locked in a cage. If the women aren't lucky enough to be dissected, they're tossed into the cage with caveman Boris who, in one scene, rapes a woman before ripping the pubic hair and flesh from beneath her legs and devouring it.

Unrelenting wretched,

SS HELL CAMP further demonstrates its willingness to repulse with scenes of finger nail plucking; intense floggings; a drowning; human rat food, and both breast and vagina electrocution complete with blood letting. Only the film's pasted in scenes of color faded battle footage, B&W news reel excerpts, and the heroic efforts of Italian partisans, give you a chance to regain your composure. They do not come more revolting than this. AKA: LA BESTIA IN CALORE, EXPERIMENTS OF THE SS FINAL DAYS.

1976 9 min Video City Dir: Rino De Silvestre Cast: John Steiner Lina Polito Ernn Schure -Dynasty Films and Video- A train load of women are shipped off to a Nazi prison camp where commander Steiner uses them as fodder for an array of languishing lesbian guards and sexually deranged soldiers. The plot revolves around Steiner's obsession with inmate Lina Polite Director Silvestre -

- weaves into the film a sophisticated texture of despair with an emphasis on sex rather than violence - except for the scene in which a vaginal cork and razor blade contraption shreds a rapist's penis. AKA: DEPORTED WOMEN OF THE SS, SPECIAL SECTION, LE DEPORTATI DELLA SEZIONE SPECIALE SS

Attractive packaging by Wizard Video Dir: Alain Paye. Engineered along the same lines as FRAULEIN DEVIL, this film concern a trampy night club singer named Ingrid who is chosen by the SS to head a brothel on Hitler's special pleasure train. When the Americans intervene the girls surrender and begin "servicing" the Yank invaders.

Pretty dismal all around, especially during those moments where horrowed war footage takes over. Frank Brilnil performance as an SS officer -who loves to horsy ride the hookers- is the only justifiable reason to tune in. But for those that must, the French Canadian video version entitled TRAIN SPECIAL POUR HITLER
-MPA Video- has a little more sex and a slightly different structure. Director Alain Payet was also responsible, believe it or not, for the world's first midget porno flick, entitled LILY PUTE.

Other Nazi Sexploitation Winners

STALAG 69 -XXX- Cast: Angelique Pettyjohn

NANCY CREW MEETS DR. FREIDSTEIN -bondage- Cast: Kiri Kelly, Jay Dee, Sloane Winters. 1990 B&D Pleasures


BLUE ICE -XXX- Cast: Helga, Hershel Savage, Paul Thomas. 1984 85 min Caballero Video


GIRLS OF THE THIRD REICH -XXX- Cast: Francoise Pipillon,

HITLER'S PARTOUZE -XXX- Cast: Gayle Sterling, Long Chainey, John Mar tin, Alicia Monet as Eva Braun. Queen's X Video -France-

KOLASSAL ORGIE -XXX- Cast: Gladys Serval, Stanislas l'iotr. 60 min Films Concorde Video

PRISONER OF PARADISE -XXX- Dir: Gail Palmer, Bob Chinn Cast: Seka, John Holmes, Jade Wong. VCX Video Cover Page Index

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