As far back as Peter Cushing can remember, he always wanted to get into the theater and although his father was a Quantity Surveyor, Peter Cushing came from a family which had many connections with the theater. His grandfather had been with Sir Henry Irving and had accompanied him on his tours of Canada and the United States. His aunt had acted with Gertie Miller and his step-uncle, Wilton Herriot, was a well-known actor in his day, and had been one of the principals in "Charley's Aunt". All this was before he was born, however, and when he wanted to go on the stage, he had to do so through his own efforts.

Cushing was brought up in Kenley, a small Surrey village, and was educated at Shoreham Grammar School and the Purley County Secondary School, where he most enjoyed painting lessons, rugger, and amateur theatricals.

His first professional encounter with the stage was when he was eleven years old. He and his brother ran a puppet show for the family and friends. An uncle had advised him not to charge an admission for fear of losing his audience, so Peter allowed his customers to watch for nothing.

At the end of the show, however, his cagey brother stood at the door withan upturned hat and charged three pence per head to leave the room. Cushing found his first job with the Purley Urban District Council and a title of Surveyor's Assistant, which he says was little more then a glorified office boy. At twenty-one, he answered an ad in "The Stage" for a position with the Worthing Repertory Company, but his application was not even answered. Neither were the next fifteen letters which he sent to the manager over the succeeding months.

One morning, however, he did receive, at last, a reply and an invitation to go see the manager, Bill Fraser. Cushing immediately quit his job and left for Worthing with high hopes. When he met Mr. Fraser, he was merely told to stop being such a nuisance with all his letter writing.

"But I can't go back now. I've given up my job," explained the would-be actor tearfully. This must have stirred the manager's sympathy,for Peter went on stage that very night as a debtor in Priestley's play "Cornelius." Cushing worked at the Worthing for several months as the Assistant Stage Manager which he regales as the best possible training he could havehad for a dramatic career. He was only paid a shilling a week, -about $210- but he did not live too badly. He was allowed to eat all the food which a well-known grocery companies gave to the theater for "eating scenes" in return for a credit in the program. For this reason he grew especially fond of Coward and Lonsdale plays, for in nearly all of them, there was "a pork pie at least".

He then moved to Southampton where he played small parts and later worked with various companies all over England gradually working his way up to playing juvenile leads. Like many an actor before him Cushing had a strong desire to go to "the Coast", so after nearly four years in English repertory, he left for America with 60 pounds -$140- he had managed to save up until then.

He spent his first week trying to make contacts in New York, and then went straight to Hollywood, where he fortunately found work after only two weeks. This was in James Whale's film, "The Man in the Iron Mask", in which Louis Hayward played both parts of the good and the bad brother.

A split screen technique was used to enable both brothers to appear atthe same time, and Cushing was employed as the "dummy" during the making of such scenes. Cushing did not, there for, appear in the finished product, but the experience was very valuable to him. He was able to study at first hand the performances of several leading film stars and see himself on the screen in the rushes for the first time, which, he says, nearly made him faint.

The best part was that he received $75 a week, and four months steady employment, which amounted to what looked like a small fortune to him at the time. In the end, he also got a bit part on the film-a part for which he had very little difficulty in learning his lines, or rather line, for all he had to do was to gallop up on a horse and call!: "The Captain wishes to see you, Sir!"

His next job was in George Stephen's film, "Vigil in the Night", as second leading man with Carole Lombard. Cushing says he was chosen be cause of his ability as a dialectician. No sooner was this film finished than war was declared between England and Germany. The British film colony in Hollywood, which included David Niven and Richard Green, went for their army medicals. Peter Cushing was graded 4c, our equivalent is 4f, all and was declared unfit for military service.

After a short time, however, he be came very home sick and decided to return to England. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to get a place on a ship in war time, so he went to New York to work in Broadway plays, and then traveled to Canada.

While saving up money for his passage home; he held a variety of jobs-night porter in a YMCA, where he received free board; a parking lot attendant, an usher in a Montreal movie house. Eventually, he secured a place on a ship leaving Halifax for Liverpool. He took the place of a deserter on the S.S. Tilapa, which had been a banana boat before the war.

He later learned that the 30 ship convoy with which she sailed was thefirst to use the peace time Atlantic route because the commodore decided it was "too obvious for the Germans" to mine.The gamble was successful, and the convoy reached England unharmed in March, 1942, after only ten days at sea. Cover Page Index

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