Camp Blood -Length: 1.5 hrs Writer Director: Brad Sykes
Sterling Entertainment SNJ Productions
Producer: Dave Sterling Montage: Jeff Leroy Music: Clarke Ely

STARS Jennifer Ritchkof, Ron Ford, Bethany Zolt, Tim Sullivan, Micheal Taylor, Courteney Taylor, Joe Hagerty, Meredith O'Brien,Vinnie Bilancio

A year ago, a series of brutal murders shocked the local residents surrounding Camp Blackwood. The killer was never found and the camp ground was abandoned and given the moniker "Camp Blood".The film opens as Sally- Meredith O'Brien and Vic- Vinnie Bilancio are exploring Camp Black wood in search of a rare species of bird.However, the two quickly become more interested in exploring each other, and a riveting, in your face, 3-D tryst ensues. Sally's tits and ass appear to pop right out of the TV screen as the pair go at it.

When they finish their loving-making, Sally and Vic become aware of the call of the bird they had hoped to capture on film. Vic tromps off alone to "get a shot of the little sucker".Sally quickly dresses and sets out in search of Vic, calling to him "Vic! Vic?" (although my impression was that she was repeatedly calling "Dick" which I found very amusing).

As she wanders down the trail she finds Vic's lifeless and blood-soaked body dangling, Mussolini-style, head first from a tree and a masked clown wielding a machete. A chase through the woods ensues, ending in her brutal murder.

Meanwhile Tricia -Jennifer Ritchkoff has just arrived home from jogging. She picks up the newspaper, which headlines the disappearance of Sally and Vic in the woods where she and her three friends are planning to go camping.

Tricia is frightened by the idea of camping in a killing field, but her boyfriend is looking forward to a wild weekend of sexcapades and convinces her that there's nothing to worry about. En route to Camp Blackwood, they encounter (and nearly run down with their yuppie SUV) Shakespearen fool Thatcher-Joe Hagerty.

Thatcher, in a scene reminiscent of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, warns the teens of a bloodthirsty madman stalking their planned vacation spot. (this is one of many scenes and shots made "en homage" to Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

That night, around the campfire, their female guide Harris - Courteney Taylor tells them of the story (in a flashback montage) of a man who caught his wife sleeping with another man. Crazy with hate, he took the two hostage. After tying them up and brutalizing them, the killer locked them in the trunk of his car and drove them to Camp Blackwood, where he chopped off their limbs and heads, leaving only the stumped bodies as a clue. (in 3-D no less!)

All retire to a night of loving-making, laughing off the silly legend. However, in the morning, Harris' (Courteney Taylor) mutilated and burned body is discovered by the four teens outside their tents. The four friends, looking for a little rest and relaxation at secluded Camp Blackwood, find much more than they bargained for. What began as a pleasant hike (and nocturnal teensex party) turns into a savage struggle for survival, as the two young couples try to escape from a bloodthirsty killer.

Panic and shock ensue, as the four realize they do not know how to get back to the distant parking lot where their SUV is parked. Enter the clown. Watch for the visual and thematic take-offs of shots from other classic thrillers and the Twilight Zone "twist" ending.

Eyes of the Werewolf- Director: Jeff Leroy Writer: Tim Sullivan
Sterling Entertainment SNJ Productions 1999- Assc. Producer: Rob Jai Music: Jay Woelfel Weapons: John Trapnell
STARS: Stephanie Beaton, Mark Sawyer, Jason Clark, Tarra Markell, Ron Ford, Deborah Huber, Tim Sullivan, Lyndon Johnson, Eric Mestressatr

Rich Stevens Mark Sawyer burns out his eyeballs while experimenting with sulfuric acid in his lab, only to awaken in a strange clinic to discover that he has received a transplant and soon will regain his vision. The accident, and ensuing operation, has affected more than just Rich Stevens' vision. He now seems to have gained animal magnetism.

While still in hospital, he soon beds his pretty young doctor, Sondra Gard (Stephanie Beaton) in the first of several sexually charged 3-D sequences. Unknown to everyone, except the clinic's gang of organ snatchers, the eyes were pulled from the decapitated head of a werewolf. Soon Rich Stevens is back home with his floozy wife who has been screwing the local teen heart-throb (Lyndon Johnson) practically before Rich's eyes (Lyndon Johnson? go figure!). Enraged during the full moon, Rich Stevens transforms into a wolf and goes on a blood soaked 3-D killing rampage, beginning with his wife's pretty boy lover (Lyndon Johnson).

The following evening, Rich Stevens' wife also succumbs to Stevens' newly gained animal magnetism, but the moon rises again and Rich disembowels his unfaithful wife in a scene of eye popping 3-D carnage. Next, Rich gets his gory revenge on all those who have wronged him as he blazes a trail of terror through the city streets and moonlit woods, butchering the innocent with the guilty in a carnival of blood. (wow, it's all 3-D too!)

The brutal murders baffle the police, since they have all the markings of an animal attack. All the victims seem to have something else in common: Rich Stevens. The trail of blood leads pretty female detective (Tarra Markell) to Rich Stevens' door. The lady detective soon begins to suspect something is not right with Rich Stevens, although it seems unlikely to her that he is the killer.

Meanwhile, Rich Stevens believes that his crimes only exist in his dreams and so he is not upset at the disappearance of his slutty wife. Soon, Stevens is again continuing his torrid affair with his beautiful Doctor, Sondra Gard (Stephanie Beaton). However, the next full moon proves Rich Stevens' undoing. The police close in on him after yet another senselessly violent killing spree.

Eyes of the Werewolf is definitely not for those who shrink from sex and ultra-violence, although it is definitely an amazing use of the latest 3-D technology. Eyes of the Werewolf definitely puts you right in the middle of the sex and gore. Rated NC-17,

Zombie Chronicles Director: Brad Sykes, Writer: Garrette Clancy Sterling Entertainment DP: Jeff Leroy Montage: Mark Joe Polonia Effects: Joe Castro, Music: Ghost
STARS: Garrett Clancy, Emmy Smith, Beverly Lynne, Joseph Haggerty

In the tradition of Tales From The Crypt and Dawn Of The Dead Joe Castro creates the three horrifying tales that make up the Zombie Chronicles.

Tale One. Pretty Tara Woodly is a news reporter who wants to do a story on the famous ghost legends of an old desert town. Tara is unable to find the location of the ruined ghost town until she picks up a strange hitchhiker Ebenezer Jackson (Joseph Haggerty).

Tale Two. Jackson tells her he knows the way to the center of the psychic vortex and proceeds to lead the beautiful Tara on a bizarre journey where she meets the damned. An army drill instructor sadistically murders his young recruits (in 3-D, you bet!) He then captures a sexy young blonde who he plans to brutalize and murder , until he himself is disemboweled and joins the legion of flesh eaters.

Tale Three. A crew of sex-starved teens bungle into and defile an ancient cemetery. The unaware teens soon discover that the dead are angry and unforgiving of such foolish trespasses. All the characters have one thing in common: they are dead--victims of an army of very hungry zombies. Tara Woodly attempts to deny what she has seen and heard until it is too late and her beautiful young body becomes yet another feast for the army of the ghouls. Zombie Chronicles contains lots of gruesome Joe Castro violence and provocative nudity. Zombies really come to life in this 3-D Horror.

If you are strange enough to have liked Camp Blood, you'll kill and kill again for this video. It is for you. Rated NC-17, 1 hr. 20 min. VHS - NTSC,

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