GWAR, traveling punk rock artists and stage performers extraordinaire, have captivated masses of fans worldwide since the late eighties with their ongoing rock opera saga. The saga has evolved on livetours, stage appearances, videos, CD's, art shows and on MTV where, in a twist of the absurd, the hard-rockin',cutting edge artists are proclaimed as "the favorite punk rock band of Beavis and Butt-head", infamous but unreal cartoon pundits and devoted GWAR fans.

Dominatrix, Slymenstra, based on "every female fertility icon there is", from Diana to Medusa is unquestionably the highlight of the band's legendary stage shows. On the bands latest CD, Rag Na Roc. Slymenstra performs and duet with lead singer Oderus (Dave Brockie).

Slymenstra origins in GWAR's Mythology are somewhat sketchy. Various comics depict her as existing with GWAR from their genesis, while others depict her birth, as rising fully grown from the sea like Venus only to end up on a perpetual bad date with various GWAR members. Little Wonder Slymenstra claims her hobbies as "stealing your boyfriend and man hatred..."

Slymenstra' s role in the stage show has grown since her early appearances with GWAR . In her earliest appearance her role was limited to foil for Masochistic Techno Destructo (Hunter Jackson). The Crack In the Egg Video and America Must Be Destroyed tour introduced Slymenstra as a Fire Goddess, and mother of Gor-Gor, a giant godzilla like monster. Definitely the highlight of the America Must Be Destroyed Show and the Phallus in Wonderland Feature Film.

As always Techno Destructo's plans go awry. Gor-Gor is destroyed and Techno is once again relegated to the role of court baffoon. In subsequent tours Oderus is inadequate to satisfy Slymenstra sexual needs, but arch enemy and space alien Cardinal Sin desires the pair's union so he can steal the baby. Sin plans to eat the baby and thus gain the parent's super powers.

After the pair refuse to mate naturally, Sin artificially inseminates Slymenstra with the sperm of Oderus. Shortly after the child's birth Sin steal's the baby and eats it for dinner. Pissed off at the death of her second child, Slymenstra disembowels Sin to free her baby but kills the child in the process. On the latest tour Sin's Minions steal Slymenstra's child from her womb in yet another failed attempt to resurrected the great fallen hypocrite from outer space Cardinal Sin. Once again Slymenstra's dancing, imprisonment and eventual escape prove to be a highlight of the show.

Gwar, the world's most disgustingly repulsive rock 'n roll band is in trouble. Representatives of the government, the clergy and the health care communities have banded together to censor GWAR's activities in America. Their covert organization, the self-appointed morality squad has captured GWAR "MEMBER" the cuttlefish of Cthulu and put it on trial for obscenity, witness the capture and initiation of a GWAR slave as he follows them from their home in Antarctica on a mission of death and destruction to save their cumpatriot.

Watch as GWAR embraces the decadent rock 'n roll lifestyle under the leadership of Sleazy P. Martini and inadvertantly unleash untold horrors on capitalist America in the name of freedom of sexpression. Songs include: Crack in the Egg, Have You Seen Me? The Road Behind, The Morality Squad, Gor-Gor, Ham on the Bone. Gwar Catalog Gwar battles arch-enemy Skullheadface (Jello Biafra) for control of the world's media resources. Lots of decapitations, blood, guts being ripped out and the like, plus a bevy of sexy chicks in scanty costumes. This feature length video is a must see!!! Gwar Links!!! Satan has come to Disn*yland.