The basis for this article (update) are the following axioms of criminology. 1) Most crimes are committed by a relatively small group of Individuals. 2) Most criminals commit many crimes before they are caught. 3) Most crimes are committed near the home or place of work of the perpetrators.

James E. Holmes and John Shick, were “super students” studying brain science. They grew up in California within about forty miles of each other in Orange County and adjoining North San Diego County. Both suddenly dropped out of school and went on mass killing sprees.

John Shick lived in New York City, Northfield, Minn, Portland Oregon and Pittsburgh Pa. He had a reputation for attempting to lure women through what the women he encountered considered to be badgering. Within a few miles of every place he lived at least one women disappeared. One was found butchered approximately 1.4 miles from the office of a Dr Micheal Stone. Her name was Sarah Fox. All the women had things in common, blond hair, about 5’10, trim and butterfly tattoos. John Shick was obsessed with the number two. Three of these women had two children. All of these crimes remain unsolved.

Interestingly, Sarah Fox murder was somehow briefly tied to DNA found on a chain at an Occupy Wall Street protest, although the evidence was quickly found to be a “lab error”. Then less than a week later James E. Holmes went berserk and was immediately accused of being a Tea Party Member and then immediately accused of being a “Black Bloc Occupy” member.

Both accusations are seemingly fanciful as a radical Tea might attack a federal building and a radical Black Bloc might attack a Bank, or perhaps, maybe a Police Station, but neither group has ever expressed anger with movie theaters. Nevertheless, corporate pundits have jumped at the opportunity to grab the headlines with anti-gun and anti-tea party and anti-99% rhetoric, which I find highly suspicious and other conservatives have pointed out that this rhetoric is at least suspect, in that it proceeds a vote on the UN Small Arms Ban, which if approved would in theory outlaw US citizen ownership of all repeating rifles and pistols.

Police: Evidence of ‘calculation,’ ‘deliberation’ in Colorado shooting
updated 9:38 PM EDT, Sat July 21, 2012 By Tom Watkins and Dana Ford, CNN
Suspect James E. Holmes, 24, is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 in the suburban Denver community of Aurora. He is also alleged to have rigged his apartment with booby traps so that whoever entered it would be seriously hurt or killed.

Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As ‘Batman’ Massacre
Paul Joseph Watson Monday, July 23, 2012
A Colorado university just 16 miles away from the site of Friday morning’s deadly ‘Batman’ massacre staged an identical exercise the very same day in which students were trained how to react to a gunman firing at people in a movie theater.

“Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the middle of holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students.

Shooting suspect had federal grant, university says
Published July 21, 2012 Associated Press
DENVER – The University of Colorado says shooting suspect James Holmes had a federal grant to study neuroscience. University spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said Saturday that Holmes was one of six neuroscience students at the school to get National Institutes of Health grant money. She didn’t know how much money he got.

Neighbors recall James Holmes as clean-cut and studious man
1:30 PM, July 21, 2012 Detroit Free Press
As part of the advanced program in Denver, a James Holmes had been listed as making a presentation in May about Micro DNA Biomarkers in a class named “Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders”.

Authorities say Holmes arrived at the theater dressed in black, outfitted in a gas mask, ballistic helmet, vest and leggings, black tactical gloves and protectors on his throat and groin. He was armed with an assault-style rifle, a shotgun and Glock handgun.

Suspect sent chilling notebook to psychiatrist before attack
By Jana Winter Published July 25, 2012
Police and FBI agents were called to the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus in Aurora on Monday morning after the psychiatrist, who is also a professor at the school, reported receiving a package believed to be from the suspect.

“Inside the package was a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people,” the source told “There were drawings of what he was going to do in it — drawings and illustrations of the massacre.”

The intended recipient of Holmes’ notebook was a professor who also treated patients at the psychiatry outpatient facility, located in Building 500, where the first suspicious package was delivered. It could not be verified that the psychiatrist had had previous contact with Holmes, who was a dropout from the school’s neuroscience doctoral program and had studied various mental health issues and ailments as part of his curriculum.

The Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora
This cutting-edge health care campus fosters collaboration among students, researchers and clinicians. Campus architecture and state-of-the-art technology bridge education and research with two world-class hospitals: University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Research Activities Overview
The Department of Psychiatry generally ranks within the top ten in peer-review funding from the National Institutes of Health and related organizations. It is also one of the strongest centers in the Veteran’s Administration for funding in mental health research.

Institute for Children’s Mental Disorders
Mailstop F546, 13001 East 17th Place, Building 500, Room C2000B, Aurora, CO 80045
Phone: 303.724.4955 • Fax: 303.724.4956

Robert Freedman, MD Professor and Chairman
The University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus Aurora

Harvard College BA 1968
Harvard Medical School MD 1972

Medical Director. 1989-2010.
This grant supports training of young investigators in molecular and neurobiological research on schizophrenia.,%20Robert.aspx

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Schizophrenia
Jeffrey A. Lieberman, T. Scott Stroup, Diana O. Perkins – 2006 – Medical – 435 pages
… M.D., M.P.H. History of Schizophrenia and Its Antecedents 1 Michael H. Stone, MD. … Michael C. O’Donovan, Ph.D., F.R.C. Psych. Robert Freedman, MD.

Western Psych shooter’s flat full of rants, medications
March 14, 2012 4:22 pm By Michael A. Fuoco / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
… had a gas mask and a bio-hazard suit in the apartment. Rambling messages were written on the walls themselves and in notebooks scattered throughout the apartment. John Shick had two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from Carleton and a Bachelor of Science in engineering from Columbia and was working towards a degree in Bio-chemistry while in Portland and Pittsburgh.

John Shick, Pitt Clinic Gunman’s Body Unclaimed
Thursday, March 15, 2012 PITTSBURGH (AP)
The body of a gunman slain by University of Pittsburgh campus police after he shot and killed one person and wounded six others at a psychiatric hospital last week still hasn’t been claimed by his parents, who’ve been notified of his death but apparently remained on a sailing trip Wednesday.

Western Psych shootings followed volatile years for John Shick
March 18, 2012 12:00 am Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
With the help of a relative, Mr. Shick landed a job as a research assistant in a laboratory at the University of Southern California. “That’s definitely unusual,” said David Stone, the neuroscientist who oversaw him at USC. “Not a lot of people have publications in peer-reviewed journals in their high school years.”

In 2000, Mr. Shick contacted Mr. Stone, the researcher he’d worked with in California, who was at a lab at Harvard Medical School’s psychiatric hospital in Belmont, Mass.Recalling his strong work ethic as a teenager, Mr. Stone rehired him for a research project that examined the genetics of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Mr. Shick was listed as a co-author of a paper that appeared in the Archives of General Psychiatry in June 2002.

About McLean Hospital: A Harvard Medical School Affiliate
U.S. News & World Report ranked McLean Hospital first among all freestanding psychiatric hospitals. McLean Hospital is the largest psychiatric facility of Harvard Medical School, an affiliate of the Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners HealthCare. McLean Hospital is located at 115 Mill Street in Belmont, Massachusetts, west of Boston. McLean is accessible by the Massachusetts Turnpike, Route 128/95 or Route 2

Differential Hippocampal Expression of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase 65 and 67 Messenger RNA in Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia Stephan Heckers, MD; David Stone, PhD; John Walsh, MA; John Shick; Pamposh Koul; Francine M. Benes, MD, PhD

McLean Hospital| Grand Rounds : Grand Rounds 2007 Lecture Series
The Stanton Lecture Serial Sexual Homicide
: Personality Factors and Motivating Forces Michael H. Stone, M.D. Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons Attending Psychiatrist, Mid Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Hospital … 01/13/11, 17114 bytes – Warning Extremely Graphic

Borderline Personality Disorder – Mary C. Zanarini (Ed) Warning Extremely Graphic
Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. McLean Hospital Belmont, … The chapter will also review the efforts of descriptive psychiatry to conceptualize BPD ….. School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Michael H. StoneHarvard Medical School, McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be ‘Evil’
By BENEDICT CAREY New York Times Published: February 8, 2005
Predatory killers often do far more than commit murder. Some have lured their victims into homemade chambers for prolonged torture. Others have exotic tastes – for vivisection, sexual humiliation, burning. Many perform their grisly rituals as much for pleasure as for any other reason.

“We are talking about people who commit breathtaking acts, who do so repeatedly, who know what they’re doing, and are doing it in peacetime” under no threat to themselves, said Dr. Michael Stone, the Columbia psychiatrist, who has examined several hundred killers at Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center in New Hampton, N.Y., and others at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens, where he consults and teaches. “We know from experience who these people are, and how they behave,” and it is time, he said, to give their behavior “the proper appellation.”

David M. Stone? – Columbia University
David M. Stone was appointed Executive Vice President for Communications in March 2006. David’s experience spans a wide range of professional realms.

David M. Stone?,
Columbia University Medical Center

David Stone? President Greater Atlanta Area E-Learning
Current President at WorldWired, Inc.
Past Psychologist at Asfc Outreach
Research Fellow at MIT Licensed Psychologist at Anna Kaye Associates

President at WorldWired. Provides treatment for PTSD using augmented and virtual reality. Over 20 years of experience in related academic research at Cornell, Harvard and MIT. Officer at Disabled American Veterans, Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Member, Harvard Veterans Alumni Association. A licensed, practicing psychologist with expertise in the design of virtual reality and related software systems to support the delivery of treatment to survivors of trauma.

THE SUPERIOR COURT – Superior Court of California – County of Los Angeles
Jun 21, 2012 – *Dr. Askins is unavailable to accept ….. STONE, David C., M.D?. ι … UNIV. OF SO. CALIF. ι/! Institute of Psychiatry & Law. Attn: Dr. Bruce H. Gross